MMA bets

Different types of MMA Wagers

MMA isn’t just super exciting to watch; it is also an amazing sport to place money on. You can make hundreds of unique wagers on every UFC event. To help you find your ideal gambling style, we are going to explain the most common style of MMA wagers.

Match Outcome

This is the most popular type of MMA wagering as all you have to do is place cash on the fighter that is going to win the contest. Sites assign different odds to fighters based on their chance of winning, and you can win some serious cash by correctly predicting an underdog to win. To increase your prediction rate, you need to analyze each athlete’s most recent contests and consider how their style works against their latest opponent. We like to gamble on  underdog fighters from Eastern Europe as sportsbooks often struggle to gauge how good these fighters are due to a lack of research. If you find an Eastern European underdog with a strong background in Sambo, wrestling, and Judo, you should gamble heavily on them.


Parlays are when you make multiple MMA wagers and merge them into a one wager. For your multi-stage wager to payout, every individual prediction must be correct. For example, if you gamble on Fighter A winning his match and Fighter B winning his match via submission, you only get paid if both of your predictions come true. Parlays are great if you want to chase crazy high odds.

Round Betting

With MMA round wagering, you are attempting to predict which round the fight is going to end in. Unlike boxing, most MMA matches only last 3 rounds, with title bouts lasting 5. This makes it easier to predict which round a stoppage will occur. In the lighter-weight classes, fights tend to be stopped in the later rounds, particularly in rounds 4 or 5 of title fights. However, stoppages and knockouts tend to occur much earlier in fights in the heavyweight division. We like betting on heavyweight fights to end in the first round when both fighters are cold and likely to get caught unaware.


Prop MMA bets allow you to wager on all sorts of interesting and unusual occurrences during a fight. You can bet on the number of punches thrown, who is going to land the first strike, and who will walk away the performance of the night. Prop bets are a great way to increase your viewing experience, and if you do your research, even win some extra cash.


The most common form of over/under betting in MMA is betting a fight going the distance. This is particularly popular in heavyweight fights, where fights often end via stoppage due to the athletes’ immense power. With over/under wagers, the sportsbook will predict how long a fight will last, for example, 1.5 rounds, and then you can take either side of that bet. If you take the under and the bout ends in the first round, you win. On the other hand, if you take the over and fight heads into the 3rd round, you win. We recommend taking the under when two big heavyweight brawlers with KO power compete against each other.

Method of Victory

With a method of victory, bet your goal to predict how an MMA contest will end correctly. Sportsbooks will allow you to wager on a fight-ending via KO, submission, decision, or disqualification (DQ). A decision is the most likely outcome and therefore has the lowest odds, while if you bet on a match ending via DQ, you can receive some crazy high odds. We recommend you bet on heavyweight matches to end by KO as these often provide valuable odds. We recommend you find submission or KO specialists to bet on when trying to predict the outcome.

Place Some Cash!

After reading through our intro guide to the world of MMA betting, you should have a solid grasp of the different wager styles. Now all you need to do is find an upcoming fight, pick a bookmaker and make one of the bets mentioned above. If you are feeling adventurous, you can either make multiple different bet types on the same contest!