Betting On Sports Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to bookmakers, register in less than 5 minutes, instantly deposit and then immediately start placing wagers. There are 100 unique sports to place money on and thousands of daily contests from competitions worldwide. No matter what sport you are interested in, you will have no problem finding an extensive wagering market.

Here are some of the sports available for gambling:

  • American Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Motorsport
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Types Of Wagers On Offer?

You not only have the ability to place money on 100s of different sports, but you are also able to make 1000s of different wager types. Wagering sites have extensive markets, which allow you to make all kinds of interesting and fun wagers. These are some of the most common wagers:

  • Match result – Simply pick a winner!
  • Over/under – Take a side of a predicted statistic. For example, gamble on Chelsea scoring more than two goals in their next match.
  • Prop bets – Gamble on any outcomes in a match occurring; for example, wager on your favorite player to score a goal or be named man of the match.
  • Points totals – Correctly predict the final score of a game
  • Handicap – Sportsbooks turn games into 50/50 contests by placing an imaginary handicap on a side, for example, Bucks +10 Vs. Bulls, if you gamble on the Bucks to win, they have to win by at least 11 points. 

How could you ever get bored with such a variety of wagers to choose from? If you want to increase your win percentage, we recommend you only focus on a few betting styles and become an expert.

Live Gambling and Streaming

Did you know that you have the opportunity to gamble even when a sporting contest or game is taking place? Live betting grows in popularity as gamblers enjoy placing in-game bets after assessing the different athletes and teams. With live bets, the odds are constantly updating and changing as games take different turns. You can lock in some amazing wagers by being faster than the bookmaker and placing bets before they have a chance to update the odds. We like in-play gambling on tennis and betting on the tennis player who is about to break serve for the first time to win the match.

With sportsbooks offering live betting, many have also started providing live streaming services. With live streaming services, watching all of your favorite sporting events in HD directly from the betting site’s platform is super simple. You will be able to watch matches directly from your phone no matter where you are! These live streams are typically free as long as you have a positive balance in your account or have made a recent wager. As many of these sporting events are not available for free to air, this provides gamblers with tremendous value.

Claim Amazing Bonuses

When signing up for a sportsbook, you should always study what bonus offers they have available. Most betting sites will provide new players with a range of promo deals to convince them to create an account and deposit. These are some of the bonus deals available to sports bettors:

  • Bonus cash – When you deposit, a sportsbook will often match your deposit with bonus cash. For example, if you deposit $300, the site will credit your account with an additional $300. This cash can be used to bet on games and can help you win extra money. To withdraw this bonus cash, you will have to meet certain terms & conditions such as minimum odds and roll-over conditions.
  • Free Wagers – Some sites will allow you to place free bets with their money. The site will often only allow you to bet on certain games and may attach roll-over requirements to any money won. These free bet deals are highly valuable and will help you win some extra cash.
  • Cashback – Cashback involves a sportsbook refunding a percentage of your losses consistently. For example, if you sign up for a monthly 10% cashback, that means whatever you lose during that month, you will receive 10% back. If you happen to lose $1000, then $100 will be credited to your account.

Claiming bonus deals is a great way to grow your bankroll and increase your stake. Before creating an account, always see what bonus you can claim and double-check the terms and conditions as certain deals have overly restricted rules.

What Sports Can You Gamble On

Online sportsbooks have the most extensive range of sports and odds to gamble on. You can place bets on all major sports and competitions as well as local and niche events. With thousands of sporting events occurring worldwide every day, you will never have to go far to find amazing gambling action. 

Here are some of the available sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Formula 1
  • Tennis
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Golf

If traditional sports aren’t your thing, you will be happy to know that many top sportsbooks now offer all kinds of eSports markets. Here are some of the most popular eSports to palace money on:

  • League of Legends
  • FIFA
  • DOTA 2
  • Mortal Kombat
  • CS:GO 

With literally hundreds of different options, you will always be able to find tremendous action. Whether a tennis match in New York, a rugby match in New Zealand, or an F1 race in Monaco, your choices are limitless!

Mobile Gambling

If you enjoy gambling from your phone, you are in luck! With Online sportsbooks you can register, deposit, wager, and cashout all directly from your phone. These sites are fully mobile optimized, so you can enjoy the unbeatable convenience of wagering and following the action no matter your location. 

Sportsbooks are available for both Android and iOs devices, and there are dedicated apps to further enhance your wagering experience. A cool feature of sportsbooks’ apps is live streaming sports events, including EPL matches, NBA games, and other world-class events. You also have the ability to receive live scores and odds you are always in an optimal position to follow the actions and make informed wagers.